Navodaya Alumni Society
Navodaya Alumni Society

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Navodaya Alumni Society

Our Aim

  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction with alumni and institution, and within the members of the alumni.
  • To encourage alumni to take active interest in the evolutionary activities of everyone's well being and thier alma-mater.
  • Recognition of outstanding social and community service by alumni and students.
  • To undertake or organize activities of civic, charitable or promotional nature.
  • To grow in faith that does justice, to become men and women for others.

Our Objectives

  • To improve physical and social infrastructure of the school.
  • Human resource development by way of constructive critisism and motivational seminars.
  • To establish benefit schemes for every member and recognition system for outstanding alumni.
  • Execution of mandate of JNV.

Organization Structure

 Executive Unit
1Prakash Bhakar (1997) - President
2.Santosh Kumar Meena (1997) - Secretary
3.Hardeva Ram (1994) - Treasurer
4.Ompal Singh (1994) - Head, Liaison Committee
5.Panna Ram Yadav (1995) - Head, Career Counselling Committee
6P.V. Bhamu (1995) - Head, Communication & Networking Committee
7Riyaz Khan (1997) - Head, Appreciation Committee
8Sanjay Jakhar (2003) - Head, Physical & Infrastructure Committee
9Manju Garhwal (1995) - Head, Girls Wing

 Control Unit - Batch Coordinators
1994Mahendra Saini
1995J.P. Kumawat
1996Dr Mahesh Matwa
1997Shiv Bhagwan
1998Kamlesh Borakh
1999Subhash Rulania
2000Rajveer Chaudhary
2001Kali Charan Bhaskar
2002Narendra Kumar
2003Hari Prasad Meena
2004Surendra Kumar Rulania
2005Satish Sharma
2006Pradeep Matwa
2007Rakesh Leel
2008Mukesh Yadav
2009Ramratan Yadav
2010Rajendra Kaswan

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